Long Time no Blog

28 07 2008

Firstly, I’d better apologise for the huge time it has taken me to blog, I guess life got in the way for a little while but I assure you I am still here and am back knitting like a demon after my knitting mojo got up and ran away for the most of June! I have had a weeks holiday in Majorca and after culling a few WIP’s that where holding me back I am back on top knitting form 😀

Well, what have I been doing, I have finished some Twisted Tweed Socks in lovely Lorna’s laces Childsplay, the yarn was a bit of a test as it pooled horribly with most patterns but I was happy with the result of these

I have also made some pretty flowers for Emily’s school teachers, in a moment of madness on the day before they finished, but I was quite happy with the results, I just hope they liked them, they had little pins on the back so they can be worn as brooches.

I still have lots of projects on the go, I am still plodding on with some Charade socks, my Juliet cardigan (the weather is just too nice to contemplate knitting this as it is chunky yarn!), some more Socks of Doom and my Forest Canopy is still waiting to be finished! I have made a promise to myself not to cast anything new on until I at least finish some WIP’s, which so far is going well! I promise, I will not leave the blogging so long next time 😀