Just an Afterthought…

11 04 2009

Here are the latest socks off the needles, they are based on the BlueBells socks from the book 101 Designer One Skien Wonders. They are knitted in the Zauberball from Schoppel Wolle, a beautiful singles, wool nylon mix, the colours of which are stunning 😀

I did make an amendment to the pattern, however. I wanted to try an afterthought heel and thought these socks would be a perfect pair to try it on. I knitted the socks up to the heel and then used a provisional yarn to knit the stitches that would be the heel stitches, then just carried on until the sock was completed.

I then picked up the stitches that where knitted with the provisional yarn, the picture show it more clearly, the first picture is of the provisional line still inplace and the second is when I had removed it:

You basically then just knit a toe! I picked up a couple of extra stitches in between the live stitches and then just decreased as you would in a toe, until I had 18 stitches left on the needles which where then grafted together and the result:

It worked well and I like the look and fit of the heel but I am not sure it is my favourite heel. I like the sense of accomplishment on a sock when you graft the toe and didn’t get that on these as I still had to finish the heel, however, it was something that I wanted to try and I am happy with the results 😀




One response

21 04 2009

i love, love, love these socks!!! As I told you over on Phoenix, i bought both the yarn and the book after seeing the early photo you posted on Ravelry. I think that’s the heel I used on my Mad March Ribbed Feather socks. It looks really good! Think I might use it too when I finally get round to knitting the socks.

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