Random Acts of Kindness

5 07 2009

Well yes, I am still around, the blog has been neglected again. Sometimes, life, work and things just get in the way and before I know it months have passed by without a post.

It has been a strange time of late, I have been having some issues at home, mainly the fact that my lovely hubby who has worked hard for 4 years to complete his PhD in Chemistry is now finding it terribly hard to find work. This has been a real strain on us and I have been finding it hard to find solace in my knitting, that was until I received 2 amazing boxes from the USA and a parcel from England.

Let me explain, I have this amazing set of online friends that I met via the “Friends of P” group on Ravelry and they are the most kind, thoughtful, like-minded, generous people anyone could dream of knowing. I had mentioned about my problems and they where always there (and still are) with a sympathetic comment and some positive vibes (even though they must have been sick of listening to me moan!) and they started hatching a plan of which I had no idea!

Until one day, I received 2 HUGE boxes from across the pond and a parcel from Derby. WOW, where do I begin, well I will just show you what I received:

I am a very lucky girl, the kindness really blew me away and really I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone involved, you all know who you are, your generosity has restored my faith in human nature and I appreciate it more than words can say. Love your faces xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox




7 responses

5 07 2009

We love you Jo. Keep your chin up.

5 07 2009

Sorry to hear that life has been stressful of late Jo. Hope that your hubby finds a job very, very soon. What a lovely lot of parcels you’ve receieved. The knitting community are a very caring bunch of folks. You must have been so touched by their kindness. All that yarn in the top picture – well, I just want to reach out and squish it! Which one are you going to start off with? Look after yourself. xxx

5 07 2009

We love your face, Jo! MWAH!!

6 07 2009

6 07 2009
Becca (Woolpierogi)

You are amazing and deserve more than a cardboard box could ever hold! LOVE YOUR FACE!

6 07 2009

We love Jo, you rock! 😀

6 07 2009

Sorry to hear that things have been tough for you recently Jo. It’s an amazing story though……. so many kind folk out there. Some lovely gifts to be sure! Take care X

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